Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Possible topic for Research Based Practice

Researched Based Practice - Music Composition

To what extent have technological advances over the last 50 years affected the process of Music Making in particular score writing?

Music of the Western World
Technological Inventions - The Personal Computer, Composing Software, Recording Devices & Software, Midi Input Devices, Audio Correction Software.
Student Composers
The Music Industry
Successful Composers of the last Century
The tradition of writing Sheet Music
Various Musical Uses in Society - Advertising, Popular Music, Orchestra, Film, Opera

Analysing my own practical process
Analysing Music Scores
Reading information on Composition History and Score writing
Revising Music Uses
Resisting the use of technology in my practice

Here's some food for thought? What are your thoughts? Please comment . . .

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  1. So much progress in such a short time.
    To me music is an instinctive bridge between art and mathematics and it has another dimension, that of emotion, that is yet to synthesized.
    The reason so much has progressed in audio and music in a short timeframe is that it is that bridge which makes it subject to massive change in development of IT and computing but also subject to the variety of thinking associated with art and expression. What a combination !